Leather is skin, it needs moisturising!

September 13, 2017

Leather is skin, it needs moisturising!

Leather is skin. It is the hide from an animal that has gone through quite a process to be usuable to make bags, furniture and homewares. Over time leather will dry out especially when it lives in rooms that have been heated and air conditioned. Through the tanning process chemicals are applied to the hide in the removal of hair and then to colour it.

Leather needs the oils and moisture returned to it in order for it to not crack and dry out. Overtime treating your leather with a quality balm can also give it a layer of protection which makes it shower proof and less likely to mark or stain.

There are many leather balms on the market. From well known brands such as 'Dubbin' to lesser home made varieties.  To clean marks from leather such as pen/ink many remedies include rubbing the mark with a 'magic' white sponge available from supermarkets or using a car leather upolstery cleaner ( more chemicals). We recommend opting for something natural and clear with the less chemicals the better.

Your handbag, boots and furniture should get a good rub down at least every six months to keep it looking it's best and retain it's soft and supple plyability. Most balms are applied generously left for 10 minutes or so then with a clean dry cloth the excess is rubbed away.

Leather over time develops it's own patina and look and distressed marks which is it's best feature. So love your leather like you would your skin but don't worry so much about the wrinkles and anti aging, this is one instance where the lived in look is best.


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