The Holster-Convertible backpack rucksack bag.

  • Dimensions:33cm across/13"

    35cm high from top opening of bag to the bottom/14"

    5cm wide/gusset/2"

    158cm long strap/62.5"

    Standard design is with two open outer pockets and a outer zip pocket on the back but if you prefer more pockets or a different configuration please let us know and we can create a custom listing for you.


Ways To Wear the HOLSTER

1. short strap - the fixed shorter strap is designed to be a shoulder strap for when you want to wear it on the shoulder or closure under your arm.

2. long strap - the long strap is designed to be used as a 'cross' body strap for those who like to wear it that way. This is great for travelling or when you have your hands full or are moving a lot in crowds etc. This long strap is also what makes the backpack straps.

3.backpack - if you hold the long strap on the left and right and pull outwards the long strap becomes two backpack straps which can be adjusted in length. This alters the shape of the bag at the top to make a more triangular look as it is gathered at the top.


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Custom Colour

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