Handbag GPS tracking accessory to add to your custom handbag.


What could be handier than to have a GPS tracker included in your handbag. This little device can pop into the pocket of your bag or attache to your keys and let you know when you have left your bag somewhere, located your phone, help you locate your bag and more. Never again will you lose your car, phone, keys, pets, wallet or anything you attach the little nut to.Simply install the app on your smart phone and this little device will give you the GPS information to find your possessions, keys, bag or whatever it is attached to.

It has:

*Left Phone Alert

*One Touch Tracking

*Group Sharing

*Lost and Found network

*Find your phone ability*Distance Indicator ( locate it by map on the app)

*Separation alert for when you leave things behindYou can purchase it with the sale of a bag and pay no shipping or purchase it alone while the promotion lasts. Tracker purchased without a bag includes the shipping price.

DIMENSIONS:3.8cm x 3.8cm x 0.5cm1.5" x 1.5" x .28"*

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER Tana & Hide is not the manufacturer of Nut products. This item has a 1 year warranty with information on the packaging offered through the company not Tana & Hide. We have no affiliation with Nut gps tracking and are offering the purchasing of this product as a special promotion to use with our handbags. No claims of usage are made by Tana & Hide, all safety aspects and use is the responsibility and at the discretion of the purchaser.

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