The Strap-Leather Key Strap perfect for keeping your keys handy in your bag.



Our leather key strap is perfect to keep everything right where you need it. Clip your keys to your bag or clutch, clip them to your pocket or jeans, school bags... you name it.Made from genuine sheepskin leather and beautifully stitched this strap will stand the test of time. Quality metal clip and fastening, stitched seams and strong rivets.

For this product we use the offcuts from the handbags so colours available may vary from time to time. Please request the colour you would like when purchasing and we will do our best to accommodate or provide something similar. We will send you a photo prior to sending the item.Great price for the quality and with cheap shipping why not order yours now.


Approx: 13cm long

Each item is lovingly made by hand and each one sold helps us contribute to a program to help streetkids in Bali, Indonesia, more information can be found

Leather Colours Swatch

Leather Colour Chart


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