• Perfection ! Exactly what i've been looking for for the past 10 years. (If you happen to have had your favourite bag, which had come to an end and can't find a match, then you know what i mean, and you are in the right shop) And a big surprise; the bag is light! The attention to details is OMG! I'd better stop now because i could write a poem about this bag :-) Thank you Georgia!

    Jan 2018

  • GORGEOUS BAG!! Arrived today. Excellent quality leather and stitching. I LOVE the colour. I had originally ordered the bag in the pic (Cinnamon) - but was advised it wasn't quite true to colour.... so I looked at the leather swatches on the site and Georgia was so helpful with her recommendations. Great communications. The colour is great, will be easy to wear in Winter or Summer. the leather is great quality and I can't wait for it to wear... (maybe that's just me! - but still looks fabulous as new - as in not new an shiny). I LOVE the adjustable strap, it is so easy to wear cross-ways. Great little compartments in the lining too! Thanks again Georgia for a simply wonderful bag xxxx

    Vicki- Jan 2018

  • A very well-made bag and I am absolutely excited about it :) In the bag, I noticed that an opened pocket which I requested for was sewn at the centre but (haha) I guess that means I have more pockets to use! I was pleasantly surprised to find the bottle pocket which I have requested for inside the bag since I was informed that it would be difficult to make. So many thanks for it Georgia! Overall, it is a beautiful bag and I am looking forward to make more bags with Tanaandhide :) In fact, I am now thinking of my next dream bag haha!

    Sam - May 2018

  • I believe this is my 5th bag from this wonderful company. The bags are made like they made bags 40 years ago. With quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. I know mine will outlast me. Thank you Georgia for another bag I will treasure.

    Lisa - May 2018

  • OMG! I dreamed up an image in my head of the bag I wanted, and so many times they turn out not quite what I imagined... the EXACT OPPOSITE HERE! I LOOOOOVE IT! Georgia is my new go to for a leather bag. It looks EXACTLY like what I dreamed up in my head! MY MOST FAVORITE BAG I HAVE EVER HAD. JUST GORGEOUS!

    Christin - April 2018

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